Insurance Plan Appeals Process

Provision requiring insurance plans to create and implement a process though which consumers may appeal coverage decisions.

Integrated Delivery System (IDS)

A voluntary association between a health care provider(s) and an insurer.

Integrated Provider (IP)

A group of health care providers and facilities that offer a wide range of services.

Intensive Care

The care of seriously ill patients in a special hospital unit.

Intermediate Care Facilities Individuals with Mental Retardation (ICF/MR)

An institution that focuses on care for persons with mental retardation or other related conditions.

Interoperable Health IT

Allows for information exchange between healthcare professionals and providers that work in different hospitals or different health care systems within the same geographic area. If health IT is interoperable, it can “talk” to other systems.


Process through which a primary care doctor solicits help from specialists with regard to treatment.