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Wednesday, April 23


The process through with a beneficiary (or provider on behalf of a beneficiary) requests payment for a particular service.

Tuesday, April 22

Elimination Period

Time between when a policy holder is disabled and when insurance begins to pay out - also known as the Qualifying Period.

Monday, April 21

Indigent Care

Health care provided for free to those who do not have health coverage and cannot afford to pay out of pocket.

Thursday, April 17

Staff Model HMO

A form of HMO in which the health care providers are employees of the HMO.

Wednesday, April 16

Tertiary Care

The level of care, usually on referral from primary or secondary medical care personnel, performed by specialists that consist of complex procedures and advanced technology, often delivered in a medical facility.

Provider-Sponsored Organization (PSO)

An organization of health care providers who collectively agree to act as an insurance provider.