Word of the day

Friday, July 24


Healthcare providers that are able to reduce costs while still meeting quality standards are allowed to share in the savings.

Thursday, July 23

Family Glitch

An unintended consequence of the Affordable Care Act when an employee is offered affordable ESI through their work place but the coverage offer is not extended to the employees’ family, or is unaffordable for the family. This leaves the employees’ spouse and/or children both ineligible for exchange subsidies and without access to other affordable coverage.

Tuesday, July 21

Excise Tax

A tax paid by the manufacturer or retailer of a good or service, as opposed to directly by the consumer (as in a sales tax).

Monday, July 13


Admissions, discharges and transfers (as in ADT orders)

Thursday, July 9


A portion of payments that an insurance company does not pay to health care providers unless that particular provider keeps costs under an agreed upon amount.

Tuesday, July 7


The amount of expenses that must be paid out of pocket before an insurer will pay any expenses.

Monday, July 6

Advance Directive

Patients and their doctors occasionally craft plans for future care in the event that the patient is unable to direct their care (in case of incapacitation or advanced illness).

Thursday, July 2

End-Stage Renal Disease

Kidney failure that requires dialysis treatments or a kidney transplant; patients with ESRD qualify for Medicare regardless of age.

Wednesday, July 1

Adult Dependent Coverage to Age 26

A provision allowing adults up to age 26 to remain on their parents'/guardians' insurance plan.

Tuesday, June 30


Another term for dual eligibles.

Consumer Operated and Oriented Programs (CO-OP)

Plans provided by non-profit, member-run health insurance providers.